Sandblasting Lettering and Designs for Coastal Granite and Memorial Supply

Sandblasting has remained the preferred method for engraving and lettering memorials from the late 1920s to the present day. We utilize a special stencil, precisely cut and applied to the stone’s surface, enabling the pressurized air and abrasive mixture to etch letters, numbers, flowers, and images with precision and artistry.

Our sandblasting technique can beautifully adorn both light and dark colors of polished granite. Lighter granite shades, including grays and pinks, are typically sandblasted to achieve a deep, finely detailed cut and the most visually appealing outcome.

Sandblasting Lettering Options

Choose from a wide array of fonts for sandblasting, with the classic "Modified Roman" lettering style remaining a popular and traditional choice. We also have the capability to replicate personal handwriting or signatures with great accuracy.

Sandblast Sunk Letters in Frosted Panel

For a deeply cut sandblast letter that creates striking shadows on polished granite, a frosted panel is essential to provide contrast. We recommend this technique for lighter granite colors to ensure optimal visibility.

Other Sandblasting Services

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Skin Frosted Letters Without Frosted Panel

On darker granite hues, frosted letters can stand alone without the need for panels. While these letters are not deeply cut and do not cast shadows like their counterparts, they maintain their visual appeal without frosted panels. Explore these sandblasting lettering choices and more by discussing your memorial design directly with us.

Frosted Outline Letters

This option is versatile and suitable for all granite colors. The letters have a frosted center for contrast, and a deeper-cut sandblasting line surrounds both the inner and outer edges, delivering a sharp and distinctive finish. Please note that this choice is slightly more expensive due to the additional steps involved in the sandblasting process.

Shaped Sandblast Carving

Our shaped carving technique is a two-step sandblast process that adds depth and dimension to carving designs. It allows us to create lifelike flowers and leaves that truly stand out. Explore these sandblasting lettering choices and more by discussing your memorial design directly with us.

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