What is Our Process?

Coastal Granite and Memorial Supply's SEO Process Unveiled: Quarrying Excellence: Our journey begins at the quarry, where we extract granite blocks from the bedrock. Utilizing pneumatic drills, we bore vertical holes in the granite, reaching depths of approximately 20 feet along the designated cut lines. Skilled quarrymen then employ steel bits with steel teeth to meticulously carve away the core of the rock. Monumental Transport Typically measuring 3 feet in width, 3 feet in height, and 10 feet in length, these granite blocks weigh an impressive 20,250 pounds. Once freed from the quarry, our dedicated workers secure the block with a cable and hoist it using a substantial derrick. The granite block is then carefully loaded onto a flatbed truck for transportation to our headstone manufacturing facility. Precision Cutting Upon arrival at our granite manufacturing facility, the granite blocks are transformed into smaller, more manageable slabs. These slabs typically range from 6 to 12 inches in thickness. Our cutting process employs a rotary diamond saw, featuring either a 5-foot or 11-foot solid steel diamond blade. The Art of Polishing Our skilled craftsmen meticulously polish the cut slabs to perfection. The slabs pass beneath an array of rotating heads, typically ranging from eight to thirteen in number. These heads vary in diamond grit levels, with the initial heads sporting a coarser grit and the later ones featuring felt buffer pads soaked in water and aluminum or tin oxide powder. This process yields a smooth, glossy finish, making the stone ready for the next steps in the finishing process, including shaping and sizing. Design Customization Our design department collaborates closely with our customers, turning their ideas into reality. We create detailed headstone layouts that showcase the envisioned memorial. This layout is presented to the customer for their approval of the artwork and inscription, ensuring their satisfaction.

Precision Engraving

Once the customer-approved layout is in place, our engravers employ computer-generated stencils to carve the memorial. This stencil acts as a guide, allowing us to engrave information such as words, dates, or emblems onto the granite's surface. In the past, designs were hand-drawn and hand-carved, but modern computer systems have enhanced accuracy. Still, our artisans play a vital role in the process, working harmoniously with technology to bring each memorial to life.

Artistry in Carving

Our craftsmen use high-pressure air hoses to carve the granite, following the design from the stencil with precision. After carving, they fill in the carved areas with black or white litho, ensuring that the lettering stands out beautifully against the natural hues of the stone. Once the uncut portion of the stencil is removed and final preparations are completed, the granite headstone is ready for shipment.

About our Personal Touch

At Coastal Granite and Memorial Supply, we offer a range of customization options, including the addition of photos, vases, and other personalized elements to create a truly unique and meaningful headstone memorial for your loved one.

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